Indigenous Medical Education Unit

About IMEU

The Indigenous Medical Education Unit of Faculty of Indigenous Medicine (FIM), University of Colombo was established on 06th October 2022 as fulfilment of the seventh Goal of Ensuring good administration and sustainability under the strategy of training existing staff as competent and high caliber individuals in their relevant working areas (Action Plan – 2022). This is the first Medical Education Unit for the system of indigenous medicine in Sri Lanka.

Vision of the IMEU is to be a center of excellence in Ayurveda/ Unani medical education to enrich indigenous medical system through excellence in education, research and faculty development. Mission is to produce competent graduates and teachers to the challenging world by enhancing human potentials for the benefit of the society.

The IMEU is providing wide- ranging activities to promotion and advancement of indigenous medicine through education, innovation and technological advancement. The activities are including research in indigenous medical education and related fields, curriculum development, comprehensive reviews and evaluations of the BAMS/BUMS course. Further it provides educational support to both the academia and students on teaching/ learning, assessment and educational research

The IMEU provides local, regional and international recognition and support to the faculty to achieve the standards recommended in program review increasing the self-sustainability by adopting pharmaceutical market, research projects, eco-tourism etc. and professional development creating new safe career and educational opportunities for the staff and facilitate students’ future learning facing the challenging world.