Internal Quality Assurance Cell

About Us

Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Faculty of Indigenous Medicine (IQAC-IIM) was established under the directive of Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Colombo complying with the guidelines Quality Assurance Council of the UGC for public universities the UGC guidelines in 2014. IQAC-FIM follows an quality assurance policy framework and by laws that had been approved by the proper channel.

IQAC is strengthened with wide stakeholder participation including administrative staff, academic staff, non academic staff and students in order to deliver the high quality service. Major function of the Cell is to ensure the quality and standards of the programmes offered by the Institute by designing policies and procedures and monitoring progress. The IQAC-FIM is closely working with Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) and submits QA Review Reports annually while briefing monthly progress at the committee meetings.

IQAC-FIM works as the centre for coordinating the Institutional Review and Program Reviews carried out by the Quality Assurance Council of UGC. The Cell facilitates the implementation of the recommendations made by institutional and programme review reports and monitoring the progress. IQAC-FIM also involves in maintenance of ethical standards of staff and the students and research collaborate with other committees of the institute.