Student Life

Faculty of Indigenous Medicine (FIM), University of Colombo; one of the most prestigious Faculty in the Indigenous System of Medicine in Sri Lanka. We offer an excellent educational environment for learning, teaching, and research in the fields of Ayurveda/Unani systems of medicine. the FIM aim is to produce medical graduates in Ayurveda/Unani who are committed to the well-being of the patients, community, and society as responsible, accountable, capable, and caring doctors. , in addition to medical education, the faculty of Indigenous Medicine offers students a range of facilities and opportunities to make their student life pleasant, balanced, and comfortable. For that FIM offers hostel accommodations, library facilities and teaching hospitals, an in-house cafeteria, a health center, counseling services, and financial assistance. Student counselors will help with the emotional and professional growth of students, monitoring, and counseling support. The student life in the faculty of Indigenous medicine is vibrant with many extracurricular activities such as educational tours, Medical camps, sports activities, entertainment, and religious, and cultural events that are led by the students themselves with the assistance of the Dean, academic staff, and Administrative staff of the faculty.