Student Counselors - About Us

About Us

The responsibilities of the student counselor include supporting the emotional and professional growth of students, developing and monitoring counseling support programs, and providing educational and vocational guidance.

Students enrolled at Institute of Indigenous Medicine are responsible in playing a balancing act between academic, extracurricular and personal commitments to achieve their life goals fruitfully.


To create a homely, friendly, healthy, and conducive academic environment for the IIM undergraduates (Ayurveda / Unani) to perform their level best in achieving their academic, extracurricular, personal, and life goals

To assist, uplift, and empower students who might not sail through this academic journey smoothly due to reasons unique to them to make ensuring their confidentially and with a greater level of understanding to manage their problems.


Specific objectives

To facilitate personal growth and self-empowerment of the students
To re-structure errors/distortions in thinking and behavior
To identify hidden skills and potentials
To clarify goals and set realistic steps to meet them
To have fulfilling relationships by addressing the related difficulties
To avoid issues getting worse
To ensuring mental health and wellbeing of students