Department of Ayurveda Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and Community Medicine

About Us

The Department of Dravyaguna Vignana and Swastavritta is engage in two foremost aspects; Ayurveda pharmacology and preventive and social medicine to impart 6 subjects including Dravyaguna Vignana (Ayurveda Pharmacology), Bhaisajjya Kalpana (Ayurveda Pharmaceutics), Rasa Shastra (Alchemy), Swastavritta and Yoga (Preventive & Social Medicine and Yoga), Agada Tantra and Voharika Vaidya (Toxicology and Forensic Medicine), Research methodology and Medical statistics.

The Department aims to provide knowledge and skills on Ayurveda pharmacological concepts along with clinical pharmacology, pharmacovigilance, research and natural product developments. While affording practical knowledge on herbal, mineral and herbo-mineral preparations the department engages in community base positive health promotions laterally with mental, social and spiritual well-being activities. It offers various in-housed teaching and learning activities, field visits, clinical training, and external collaborations to disseminate knowledge among the students. Regular clinical training activities are conducted at the OPD of the Ayurveda Teaching Hospital, Borella
and Yoga training at the Yoga center, faculty of Indigenous Medicine, university of Colombo.

It is well rich in substructure facilities with a pharmacy, well-equipped laboratory, herbal garden, tissue culture laboratory, animal house, yoga center, wellness center and a unit for developing natural products. Further, the Department is engaging tertiary learning communities by providing various external courses by the well trained and skilled academics of the Department.

Professor  P. K. Perera


BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MSc (Sri Jayawardenepura), PhD in Pharmacology (Nanjin – China)

Prof. S. K. M. K. Herapathdeniya

Professor (Head)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo),

MD Ay (BHU- India)

Associate Prof. S. D. Hapuarachchi

Associate Professor

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MSc (Peradeniya), MD Ay (BHU-India), PhD (Sri Jayawardenepura)

Dr. W. M. S. S. K. Kulathunga 

Senior Lecturer Grade I

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo),

MD Ay (BHU-India)

Dr. T. D. N. Karunaratne

Senior Lecturer Grade I

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MPhil Ayu (Colombo),

PG Dip. in Community Medicine (Colombo)

Dr. A. P.A. Jayasiri 

Senior Lecturer Grade I
BAMS (Hons) (Colombo),

MPhil Ayu (Colombo), PhD (Kalaniya)

Dr. J. M. Dahanayaka

Senior Lecturer Grade I

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MPhil Ayu (Colombo), PG Dip. Counseling (Colombo)

Dr. N. D. Kodithuwakku

Senior Lecturer I

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MSc (Sri Jayawardenepura), PhD in Pharmacology (Nanjin – China)

Dr. Y. S. G. Wimalasiri

Senior Lecturer Grade II

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo),

PhD (Colombo)

Dr. K.N.A. Dharmasena

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

BAMS(Hons) (Colombo), MD (Ayu)

Dr. (Ms) U.R.S.R.K. Senarathne

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), Msc. (Kelaniya), MD (Ayu) (Gujarat- India)


Dr. P.A.N.G. Perera


BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)

Dr.M.D.P Ishara

Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)

Msc (Food & Nutrition) (Peradeniya)

Dr.M.A.C.L. Muthukuda

Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Kalaniya)

M.Sc. in Clinical Biochemistry (Reading)(Peradeniya)

Dr. K D Manori 

Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)

Mr. Asoka

Mr. A.Samarawikrama

Staff Technical Officer


Ms.B.P. Udani

Trainee Technical Officer Gr.II


Mr. H.D.D.R.S. Gunasekara

Management Assistant Gr. I


Ms. K.D.Kaushani

Management Assistant Gr.III


Mr. P.A Sunil Human

Lab Attendant


Mr. G.S.K Perera

Lab Attendant


Mr. K.G.A.I Lakshan

Lab Attendant


Mr. Madhura Chathuranga



Mr. H.A.R Udayanga

Works Aid