Inauguration of Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma Program

Inauguration of Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma Program

The inauguration of the Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma Program marked a significant milestone in the academic landscape of the Faculty of Indigenous Medicine at the University of Colombo. On the auspicious date of 16th March 2024, esteemed dignitaries including the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Colombo, Senior Professor HD Karunarathna, and the Dean of the Faculty of Indigenous Medicine, Professor PK Perera, alongside Professor RDH Kulathunga, Head of the Department of Kayachikitsa and Deshiyachikitsa, Coordinator, Postgraduate & Mid Carrier Development Unit, Dr. MWSJ Kamari along with other esteemed department heads and faculty members, graced the occasion with their presence.

The program commenced with 65 postgraduate students, covering five distinct Postgraduate Diploma programs, with a focus on 15 scholars enrolled in the specialized Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma. Under the expert guidance of esteemed academia from the Department of Kayachikitsa and Deshiyachikitsa at the University of Colombo, this program was designed. Dr. EDTP Gunarathna, the program coordinator, presented the student handbook to the Vice-Chancellor, symbolizing the official start of the program.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma program syllabus and by-laws were recommended by the Ayurveda Sectional Committee during its 331st meeting held on 22.07.2020, and subsequently by the Board of Management during its 467th meeting held on 24.08.2020 at the Institute of Indigenous Medicine. The program received approval during the 462nd Senate meeting held on 31.05.2021 and the 583rd Council meeting held on 09.06.2021 of the University of Colombo. Postgraduate Diploma in Panchakarma By-Laws number 25 of 2021 was recommended by the University Grants Commission.

The program is accredited at SLQF Level 08, comprising a total of 25 credits. This includes 20 credits allocated for coursework and 5 credits for research projects. Through a blend of theoretical studies, practical sessions, and clinical exposure at the Ayurveda National Hospital in Borella, students gain a comprehensive understanding of Panchakarma treatments, covering various detoxification procedures.

This inauguration symbolizes the commencement of a new era characterized by academic excellence and innovation in Panchakarma studies at the University of Colombo. It fosters professional growth and equips students to address both national and international healthcare needs effectively.