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 The academic unit of Basic principles is among the first subdivisions established in Unani section. This academic unit is an important one and the back bone of Unani Medicine. The theoretical framework of Unani medicine is based on the work of Hippocrates (460-377 BC). By his method of careful study and comparison of symptoms, he laid down the foundation for clinical medicine based on diet and rest. Educate the undergraduates and make practicing the Mizaj concept and research is responsible in this academic unit. academic unit of Kulliyath contains all the basic principles of Physiological and a therapeutically aspect of Unani Medicine.This department has started to guide postgraduate diploma in Unani. The knowledge and skills of the studies are imparted to develop competent physicians to the world. The main goal of the academic unit is to achieve excellence in teaching, research, and clinical services in Unani fundamental theories /concepts/philosophies without ignoring scientific view of the same, along with its history &language. The academic unit strives to bring about progression in the science of Unani Fundamental Medicine through innovation and enterprise.The main Objectives of our academic unit are to comprehend the philosophical aspects of medical systems, to identify non-physical entities of traditional Unani system, to apply philosophy, non-physical entity in medical practice to invigorate the modern Unani System, to comprehend the historical value related to indigenous medical systems, to recognize and develop medico-cultural relationship in Unani medical field among SAARC and Middle East countries, to understand the past, to put the best into practice in the present, to plan a better future in the medical field, to pronounce Urdu and Arabic words, especially Unani Medical Terms and to comprehend both modern and classical texts of Unani Medicine in Urdu and Arabic. In order to assure the quality of our academic unit, we ensure implementing various practices such as, strictly following assignment deadline, conducting departmental monthly meetings, and conducting departmental lecturers with student meetings etc. Strength of our department is arranging public awareness programs for the wellbeing of public and to make awareness of the Unani Medical system among public.

Prof. M.I Manuha

Dr.M.C.M Mahees

Dr. A.L.M. Ihsan

Mrs. A. R Hasmath