About Us

Department of Allied Sciences is one of the main departments established under Preclinical Sciences and also serves as a multidisciplinary division for the Institute. The Department engages in undergraduate as well as postgraduate teaching, research and practical works which are relevant to the field of Ayurveda as well as modern medical basic sciences subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry under well qualified academic staff.

Anatomy laboratory facilitates for cadaver dissections. Pathology Section, Anatomical model demonstration hall and Physiology laboratory are established with modern technological equipments for the research student’s practical purposes.

Previously, the Department was named as the Department of “Shareera Vignana”, currently, it is named as the Department of Allied Sciences and it has proposed to be changed Department of “Shareera Vignana” in  the proposed curriculum. At present, the below mentioned subjects are conducted by the Department.

  1. Shareera Rachana (Anatomy) – I (AS 1101) – Level I, 1st semester
  2. Shareera Kriya (Physiology) – I (AS 1102) – Level I, 1st semester
  3. Shareera Rachana (Anatomy) – II (AS 1202) – Level I, 2nd semester
  4. Shareera Kriya (Physiology) – II (AS 1202) – Level I, 2nd semester
  5. Shareera Rachana (Anatomy) – III (AS 2101) – Level II, 1st semester
  6. Shareera Kriya (Physiology) – III (AS 2102) – Level II, 1st semester
  7. Shareera Rachana (Anatomy) – IV (AS 2201) – Level II, 2nd semester
  8. Shareera Kriya (Physiology) – IV (AS 2202) – Level II, 2nd semester
  9. Forensic Medicine I (AS 4105) – Level IV, 1st semester
  10. Forensic Medicine II (AS 4205) – Level IV, 2nd semester
  11. Principles of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Bio Technology (AS2107) – Level II, 1st semester (Optional Subject)


The aims and objectives of the Department are as follows

  • To provide Ayurveda medical graduates with knowledge and skills to practice Ayurveda Medicine scientifically
  • To contribute to research in basic and applied Anatomy and Physiology (Ayurveda and Modern) in collaboration with other disciplines and Institutions
  • To provide a supportive environment for optimal teaching, learning, research and self development for the students.

Dr. P. R. Waratenne

Senior Lecturer Grade I

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo),

MD Ay (BHU-India),

P.G. Diploma in Psycology, PhD (Jaipur- India) ,PhD (India)


Dr. M. R. M. Wickramasinghe 

Senior Lecturer Grade I (Head)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MD Ayu (Jaipur- India)


Dr. D.A.L. Munasinghe


BSc (sp) Hons in Human Biology, MSc (Peradeniya) ,PhD


Dr. S. Weerasekara

Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)




Dr.S.P.A.S. Nishan

Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)



Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)

M.Sc. in Clinical biochemistry (Reading)(Peradeniya)

Dr. L.A.W.J. Chathurika

Lecturer (Probationary)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)


Mr. Nandana

Mr. P.S Nandana

Staff  Technical Officer


Ms. R.M.D.I.C.K. Rajapaksha

Management Assistant Gr. I

Mr. Ranjith

Mr. K.K D Ranjith

Lab Attendant

Miss. Jayasundara

Miss.J.M.D.M Jayasundara

Lab Attendant



Lab Attendant